Bouquets and Flowers
Below are some styles of bouquets that we make.  Please note that we do not always have access to the flowers shown in some of our bouquets.  If you do see a style you like we can try our best to make as shown, but may have to substitute other flowers in same color choices.  Some colors we may not have access to such as corals, peaches and most blues.  We can find blue hydrangea at certain times of year.  Please make an alternative 2nd choice when making your bouquet selection with any of these colors.
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Red and white Rose
Yellow Rose
Purple Hydrangea and white Oriental Lily (seasonal)
Yellow rose with red tips and orange Calla Lily fall bouquet (available only certain times of year).
Fushia roses with blue/purple Iris (seasonal)
Pink and ivory/white Roses - Can be made with or without greenery around bottom.
Mixed tropical bouquet - if flowers not available we can try to substitute.
White Rose and pink Alstroemeria bouquet
All red Roses
Orange Daisies and fuschia Roses
All white Rose
White Rose boutonniere
Bouquet with Stargazer Lilies, pink and white mini Calla Lilies.  Also has fushia pink and white roses.  This bouquet is seasonal and is $150.00.
Pink Calla Lily boutonniere with Bear Grass.
Mixed tropical bouquet consisting of red and pink Ginger, Anthuriums.  Also has orange Psittacorum and yellow Orchids.  This bouquet is $175.00 (with matching orchid boutonniere included) and some flowers might be seasonal.