Laguna Beach Weddings and Wedding Packages on the Sand.

Permits are required for beach and gazebo weddings and there is a fee.  Crescent Bay Park also requires a permit.
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Crescent Bay Park Laguna Beach
Crescent Bay Beach Laguna
Laguna Beach Gazebo
Picnic Beach Laguna
Rockpile Beach Laguna
Pearl Street Beach Laguna
Heisler Park Laguna Beach
Pearl Street Beach - has rock arch and rock formations.  Weddings allowed anytime between Labor Day and before Memorial Day.
Heisler Park - green grassy areas on cliffs with ocean views of Laguna coast.
Picnic Beach - weddings year-round.
Rockpile Beach - weddings year-round.
Crescent Bay Beach - Weddings Labor Day thru Memorial Day only.
Heisler Park Gazebo - Spectacular ocean views with weddings up to 40 (including wedding party and vendors).  Weddings year-round.
Crescent Bay Point Park - beautiful park with green grass (left) amphitheater with seating (right).  Weddings up to 40 people (including wedding party and vendors).
Moss Point Laguna Beach
Moss Point Beach - Weddings allowed between Labor Day and Memorial Day.
Shaw's Cove Laguna Beach
Shaw's Cove Laguna Beach Wedding
Shaw's Cove Beach - South view (left photo) and North view (right photo).   Weddings are allowed on this beach between Labor Day and Memorial Day.
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North Main Beach - weddings allowed any time of year.
North Main Beach Laguna
Crescent Bay Point Park Amphitheater