San Clemente

City beaches allow small weddings up to 20 people and do not require a permit.  Parks hold 50 people or more and do require permit and fee.
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San Clemente City Beach at sunset
San Clemente Beach - beautiful sunsets and long stretches of sand.  Can have chairs & arch/arbor.  Weddings of up to 20 people are allowed and no permit is required.
Calafia State Park Wedding San Clemente
Calafia Park Wedding San Clemente
Calafia State Park - Large grassy park on bluff overlooking gorgeous ocean view with sounds of waves crashing below.  Can have chairs and arch and permit is $275.00.
Leslie Park San Clemente
Leslie Park (above photo) - beautiful ocean view on a cliff and can have arch and chairs.  Has a stairway that leads down to another beautiful green belt overlooking ocean with cement aisleway in between.  Perfect for a small to medium size wedding.
Calafia State Park - perfect for weddings.
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